Students are admitted to South Texas College through the provisions of STC Board Policy 3200. General admission to the College does not imply admission to all programs of the College. The College complies fully with the state mandated Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Rules as specified in Texas Education Code Section 51.331.  Students entering South Texas College must comply with state-mandated Texas Success Initiative Rules (TSI) and the South Texas College Developmental Education Plan regarding testing requirements.

The College is committed to student success and to a quality education for all. No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any program or activity sponsored or conducted by South Texas College on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender, disability, genetic information, or veterans status.

Any individual meeting any one of the following conditions may be admitted to the College:

High School Graduation

Students who are high school graduates, including public, private, and non-traditional high schools are eligible for admission to the College. The College complies fully with Texas Education Code Section 51.9241 for graduates of non-traditional secondary education. Procedures for application, submission of transcripts and test scores may be found in the College Catalog or in the College website.


Applicants who did not graduate from high school may be admitted by successfully completing the General Education Development Testing Program (GED). Official GED scores or Certificate of High School Equivalency will be submitted to the Enrollment Center as evidence of completion.

Individual Approval

Students who do not qualify for admission under either of the above conditions are admitted if they are at least 18 years of age and submit placement score test results from the Texas Success Initiative Assessment placement exam. All applicants must submit an official transcript from the last high school attended prior to enrollment.

Transfer from Another College

A student transferring from another accredited college or university is eligible for admission. Transfer students must comply with the Academic Progress Standards as outlined by Board Policy 3320.

The following conditions apply regarding transfer from another college:

  1. An official transcript from each institution previously attended must be submitted to the Enrollment Center.
  2. All new transfer students who have been accepted will have their college transcripts evaluated on a course-by-course basis and credit will be awarded based upon applicability of transfer hours to the student’s degree plan.
  3. Credits for courses in which a passing grade of “C” or higher was earned may be transferred from any accredited college. Developmental or other non-degree credit courses are not transferable.
  4. Credits completed at colleges outside the United States that are not accredited by one of the regional accrediting associations of the Association of Colleges and Schools can be evaluated by an AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) approved transcript evaluation service. A list of such services is available online or at the Enrollment Center.
  5. An applicant for admission may seek to enter this institution pursuant to the state's "academic fresh start" statute outline in Texas Education Code Section 51.931.

Dual Credit

Dual credit allows high school students to enroll in college courses while attending high school and permits students to take courses in place of, or in addition to, the normal course load at the high school. High school students admitted to the College must meet Student Eligibility criteria outlined in Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Part I, Chapter 4, Subchapter D, Rule 4.85.

International Student

The College is authorized under federal law to enroll students who are valid F-1 or M-1 visa holders under the Student Exchange and Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Upon initial admission to the College, international students must comply with all federal regulations in order to obtain a student visa prior to enrollment and must remain in compliance throughout the duration of study. International students may seek general admission to the College or admission to selective programs.