Academic Transferable Courses

The following STC academic courses are transferable in accordance to the Texas Common Course Numbering System. Four-year institutions determine which courses will be required for degrees at their institution.


ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Accounting3


AGRI 1329Principles of Food Science3
AGRI 1407Agronomy4
AGRI 1415Horticulture4
AGRI 2330Wildlife Conservation and Management3


ANTH 2301Physical Anthropology3
ANTH 2302Introduction to Archeology3
ANTH 2346General Anthropology3
ANTH 2351Cultural Anthropology3


ARCH 1301Architectural History I3
ARCH 1302Architectural History II3
ARCH 1303Architectural Design I3
ARCH 1304Architectural Design II3
ARCH 1307Architectural Graphics I3
ARCH 1308Architectural Graphics II3
ARCH 1311Introduction to Architecture3
ARCH 2312Architectural Technology3
ARCH 2603Architectural Design III6
ARCH 2604Architectural Design IV6


ARTS 1301Art Appreciation3
ARTS 1303Art History I3
ARTS 1304Art History II3
ARTS 1311Design I3
ARTS 1312Design II3
ARTS 1316Drawing I3
ARTS 1317Drawing II3
ARTS 1325Drawing and Painting (for Non-Art Majors)3
ARTS 2313Graphic Design3
ARTS 2316Painting I3
ARTS 2317Painting II3
ARTS 2323Life Drawing3
ARTS 2326Sculpture3
ARTS 2333Printmaking3
ARTS 2341Metals3
ARTS 2346Ceramics I3
ARTS 2347Ceramics II3
ARTS 2348Digital Media3
ARTS 2356Photography I (Fine Arts Emphasis)3
ARTS 2357Photography II (Fine Arts Emphasis)3


BIOL 1322Nutrition and Diet Therapy3
BIOL 1406Biology for Science Majors I4
BIOL 1407Biology for Science Majors II4
BIOL 1408Biology for Non-Science Majors I4
BIOL 1409Biology for Non-Science Majors II4
BIOL 2389Academic Cooperative in the Biological Life Sciences3
BIOL 2401Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 2402Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 2406Environmental Biology4
BIOL 2416Genetics4
BIOL 2420Microbiology for Non-Science Majors4
BIOL 2421Microbiology for Science Majors4

Business Administration

BUSI 1301Business Principles3
BUSI 2301Business Law3
BUSI 2305Business Statistics3


CHEM 1405Introductory Chemistry I for Non-Science Majors4
CHEM 1407Introductory Chemistry II for Non-Science Majors4
CHEM 1409General Chemistry for Engineering Majors4
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I4
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II4
CHEM 2423Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 2425Organic Chemistry II4


COMM 1307Introduction to Mass Communication3
COMM 2305Editing and Layout3
COMM 2311Media Writing3
COMM 2315News Reporting3
COMM 2327Introduction to Advertising3
COMM 2330Introduction to Public Relations3
COMM 2339Writing for Radio, Television, and Film3
COMM 2389Academic Cooperative3

Computer Science

BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications3
COSC 1301Introduction to Computing3
COSC 1315Introduction to Computer Programming3
COSC 1320C Programming3
COSC 1337Programming Fundamentals II3
COSC 1436Programming Fundamentals I4
COSC 2425Computer Organization4
COSC 2436Programming Fundamentals III4

Criminal Justice

CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRIJ 1306Court Systems and Practices3
CRIJ 1310Fundamentals of Criminal Law3
CRIJ 1313Juvenile Justice System3
CRIJ 2313Correctional Systems and Practices3
CRIJ 2314Criminal Investigation3
CRIJ 2328Police Systems and Practices3
CRIJ 1307Crime in America3
CRIJ 2323Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement3


DANC 1128Ballroom and Social Dance1
DANC 1151Freshman Dance Performance1
DANC 1201Dance Composition - Improvisation2
DANC 1241Beginning Ballet2
DANC 1245Beginning Modern Dance2
DANC 1301Dance Composition - Choreography3
DANC 1305World Dance3
DANC 2151Sophomore Dance Performance1
DANC 2241Intermediate Ballet2
DANC 2245Intermediate Modern Dance2
DANC 2303Dance Appreciation3


DRAM 1120Theater Practicum I1
DRAM 1121Theater Practicum II1
DRAM 1310Theater Appreciation3
DRAM 1330Stagecraft I3
DRAM 1341Stage Makeup3
DRAM 1342Costume Technology3
DRAM 1351Acting I3
DRAM 1352Acting II3
DRAM 2120Theater Practicum III1
DRAM 2355Script Analysis3
DRAM 2366Film Appreciation3

Early Childhood Education

TECA 1303Family, School, and Community3
TECA 1311Educating Young Children3
TECA 1318Wellness of the Young Child3
TECA 1354Child Growth and Development3


ECON 2301Principles of Economics I - Macro3
ECON 2302Principles of Economics II - Micro3


EDUC 1100Learning Framework1
EDUC 1300Learning Framework3
EDUC 1301Introduction to the Teaching Profession3
EDUC 2301Introduction to Special Populations3


ENGR 1201Introduction to Engineering2
ENGR 1304Engineering Graphics3
ENGR 2301Engineering Mechanics - Statics3
ENGR 2302Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics3
ENGR 2405Electrical Circuits I4
ENGR 2406Introduction to Digital Systems4


ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II - Rhetoric3
ENGL 2307Creative Writing I3
ENGL 2311Technical and Business Writing3
ENGL 2321British Literature3
ENGL 2326American Literature3
ENGL 2331World Literature3
ENGL 2341Introduction to Forms of Literature3
ENGL 2351Mexican American Literature3
ENGL 2389Academic Cooperative3

Environmental Science

ENVR 1401Environmental Science I4
ENVR 1402Environmental Science II4


FREN 1411Beginning French I4
FREN 1412Beginning French II4


GEOG 1301Physical Geography3


GEOL 1403Physical Geology4
GEOL 1404Historical Geology4
GEOL 1445Oceanography4
GEOL 1447Meteorology4


HIST 1301United States History I3
HIST 1302United States History II3
HIST 2301Texas History3
HIST 2321World Civilizations I3
HIST 2322World Civilizations II3
HIST 2327Mexican-American History I3
HIST 2328Mexican-American History II3
HIST 2381African American History I3
HIST 2382African American History II3
HIST 2389Academic Cooperative3


HUMA 1301Introduction to Humanities I - Western3
HUMA 1302Introduction to Humanities II - Non-Western3
HUMA 1305Introduction to Mexican-American Studies3
HUMA 1311Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation3
HUMA 1315Fine Arts Appreciation3
HUMA 2319American Minority Studies3
HUMA 2323World Cultures3


KINE 1100Fitness Walking1
KINE 1101Fitness and Motor Development I1
KINE 1103Weight Training and Conditioning I1
KINE 1104Weight Training and Conditioning II1
KINE 1105Badminton1
KINE 1107Basketball I1
KINE 1109Bowling I1
KINE 1110Bowling II1
KINE 1111Flag Football I1
KINE 1113Golf I1
KINE 1114Golf II1
KINE 1115Karate I1
KINE 1116Karate II1
KINE 1119Racquetball I1
KINE 1120Racquetball II1
KINE 1121Soccer I1
KINE 1123Softball I1
KINE 1125Swimming I1
KINE 1126Swimming II1
KINE 1127Tennis I1
KINE 1128Tennis II1
KINE 1129Volleyball I1
KINE 1131Yoga and Flexibility Training1
KINE 1132Self Defense and Personal Safety1
KINE 1133Outdoor Adventure Training1
KINE 1149Team Sports I1
KINE 1150Team Sports II1
KINE 1164Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness1
KINE 1210Aerobic Dance I2
KINE 1211Aerobic Dance II2
KINE 1301Foundations of Kinesiology3
KINE 1304Personal/Community Health I3
KINE 1306First Aid3
KINE 1308Sports Officiating I3
KINE 1321Coaching/Sports/Athletics I3
KINE 1331Physical Education for Elementary Education Majors3
KINE 1336Introduction to Recreation I3
KINE 1338Concepts of Physical Fitness3
KINE 1346Drug Use & Abuse3


MATH 1316Plane Trigonometry3
MATH 1324Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences3
MATH 1325Calculus for Business & Social Sciences3
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics3
MATH 1350Mathematics for Teachers I3
MATH 1351Mathematics for Teachers II3
MATH 1414College Algebra4
MATH 1342Elementary Statistical Methods3
MATH 2305Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 2412Pre-Calculus Math4
MATH 2413Calculus I4
MATH 2414Calculus II4
MATH 2415Calculus III4
MATH 2418Linear Algebra4
MATH 2420Differential Equations4


MUAP 1101Applied Violin I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1102Applied Viola I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1103Applied Cello I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1104Applied Double Bass I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1105Applied Flute I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1106Applied Clarinet I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1107Applied Saxophone I- Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1108Applied Trumpet I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1109Applied French Horn I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1110Applied Trombone I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1111Applied Euphonium I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1112Applied Oboe I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1113Applied Bassoon I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1114Applied Tuba I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1115Applied Percussion I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1116Applied Guitar I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1117Applied Piano I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1118Applied Voice I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1119Applied Music Composition I - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1121Applied Violin II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1122Applied Viola II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1123Applied Cello II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1124Applied Double Bass II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1125Applied Flute II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1126Applied Clarinet II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1127Applied Saxophone II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1128Applied Trumpet II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1129Applied French Horn II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1130Applied Trombone II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1131Applied Euphonium II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1132Applied Oboe II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1133Applied Bassoon II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1134Applied Tuba II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1135Applied Percussion II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1136Applied Guitar II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1137Applied Piano II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1138Applied Voice II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1139Applied Music Composition II - Non-Music Majors1
MUAP 1201Applied Violin I2
MUAP 1202Applied Viola I2
MUAP 1203Applied Cello I2
MUAP 1204Applied Double Bass I2
MUAP 1205Applied Flute I2
MUAP 1206Applied Clarinet I2
MUAP 1207Applied Saxophone I2
MUAP 1208Applied Trumpet I2
MUAP 1209Applied French Horn I2
MUAP 1210Applied Trombone I2
MUAP 1211Applied Euphonium I2
MUAP 1212Applied Oboe I2
MUAP 1213Applied Bassoon I2
MUAP 1214Applied Tuba I2
MUAP 1215Applied Percussion I2
MUAP 1216Applied Guitar I2
MUAP 1217Applied Piano I2
MUAP 1218Applied Voice I2
MUAP 1219Applied Music Composition I2
MUAP 1220Applied Conducting I2
MUAP 1221Applied Violin II2
MUAP 1222Applied Viola II2
MUAP 1223Applied Cello II2
MUAP 1224Applied Double Bass II2
MUAP 1225Applied Flute II2
MUAP 1226Applied Clarinet II2
MUAP 1227Applied Saxophone II2
MUAP 1228Applied Trumpet II2
MUAP 1229Applied French Horn II2
MUAP 1230Applied Trombone II2
MUAP 1231Applied Euphonium II2
MUAP 1232Applied Oboe II2
MUAP 1233Applied Bassoon II2
MUAP 1234Applied Tuba II2
MUAP 1235Applied Percussion II2
MUAP 1236Applied Guitar II2
MUAP 1237Applied Piano II2
MUAP 1238Applied Voice II2
MUAP 1239Applied Music Composition II2
MUAP 1240Applied Conducting II2
MUAP 2201Applied Violin III2
MUAP 2202Applied Viola III2
MUAP 2203Applied Cello III2
MUAP 2204Applied Double Base III2
MUAP 2205Applied Flute III2
MUAP 2206Applied Clarinet III2
MUAP 2207Applied Saxophone III2
MUAP 2208Applied Trumpet III2
MUAP 2209Applied French Horn III2
MUAP 2210Applied Trombone III2
MUAP 2211Applied Euphonium III2
MUAP 2212Applied Oboe III2
MUAP 2213Applied Bassoon III2
MUAP 2214Applied Tuba III2
MUAP 2215Applied Percussion III2
MUAP 2216Applied Guitar III2
MUAP 2217Applied Piano III2
MUAP 2218Applied Voice III2
MUAP 2219Applied Music Composition III2
MUAP 2220Applied Conducting III2
MUAP 2221Applied Violin IV2
MUAP 2222Applied Viola IV2
MUAP 2223Applied Cello IV2
MUAP 2224Applied Double Bass IV2
MUAP 2225Applied Flute IV2
MUAP 2226Applied Clarinet IV2
MUAP 2227Applied Saxophone IV2
MUAP 2228Applied Trumpet IV2
MUAP 2229Applied French Horn IV2
MUAP 2230Applied Trombone IV2
MUAP 2231Applied Euphonium IV2
MUAP 2232Applied Oboe IV2
MUAP 2233Applied Bassoon IV2
MUAP 2234Applied Tuba IV2
MUAP 2235Applied Percussion IV2
MUAP 2236Applied Guitar IV2
MUAP 2237Applied Piano IV2
MUAP 2238Applied Voice IV2
MUAP 2239Applied Music Composition IV2
MUAP 2240Applied Conducting IV2
MUEN 1121Band Ensemble1
MUEN 1131Mariachi Ensemble1
MUEN 1132Jazz Ensemble1
MUEN 1133Guitar Ensemble1
MUEN 1134String Ensemble1
MUEN 1135Percussion Ensemble1
MUEN 1136Woodwind Ensemble1
MUEN 1137Brass Ensemble1
MUEN 1138Modern Band Ensemble1
MUEN 1141Choir Ensemble1
MUSI 1116Sight Singing and Ear Training I1
MUSI 1117Sight Singing and Ear Training II1
MUSI 1181Piano Class I1
MUSI 1182Piano Class II1
MUSI 1183Voice Class I1
MUSI 1192Guitar Class1
MUSI 1303Fundamentals of Music3
MUSI 1306Music Appreciation3
MUSI 1307Music Literature3
MUSI 1310American Music3
MUSI 1311Music Theory I3
MUSI 1312Music Theory II3
MUSI 2116Sight Singing and Ear Training III1
MUSI 2117Sight Singing and Ear Training IV1
MUSI 2181Piano Class III1
MUSI 2182Piano Class IV1
MUSI 2311Music Theory III3
MUSI 2312Music Theory IV3


PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 1304Introduction to World Religions3
PHIL 2303Introduction to Logic3
PHIL 2306Introduction to Ethics3
PHIL 2307Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 2316Classical Philosophy3
PHIL 2321Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 2389Academic Cooperative: Philosophy Capstone3

Physical Science

PHYS 1403Stars and Galaxies4
PHYS 1404Solar System4
PHYS 1415Physical Science I4
PHYS 1417Physical Science II4


PHYS 1401College Physics I4
PHYS 1402College Physics II4
PHYS 2425University Physics I4
PHYS 2426University Physics II4

Political Science

GOVT 2304Introduction to Political Science3
GOVT 2305Federal Government3
GOVT 2306Texas Government3
GOVT 2311Mexican American and Latinx Politics3
GOVT 2389Academic Cooperative3


PSYC 1300Learning Framework3
PSYC 2301General Psychology3
PSYC 2306Human Sexuality3
PSYC 2308Child Psychology3
PSYC 2314Lifespan Growth and Development3
PSYC 2315Psychology of Adjustment3
PSYC 2317Statistical Methods in Psychology3
PSYC 2319Social Psychology3
PSYC 2320Abnormal Psychology3

Sign Language (American)

SGNL 1301Beginning American Sign Language I3
SGNL 1302Beginning American Sign Language II3
SGNL 2301Intermediate American Sign Language I3
SGNL 2302Intermediate American Sign Language II3

Social Work

SOCW 2361Introduction to Social Work3
SOCW 2362Social Welfare: Legislation, Programs, and Services3
SOCW 2389Academic Cooperative3


SOCI 1301Introductory Sociology3
SOCI 1306Social Problems3
SOCI 2301Marriage and the Family3
SOCI 2319Minority Studies3
SOCI 2326Social Psychology3
SOCI 2336Criminology3
SOCI 2389Academic Cooperative3


SPAN 1411Beginning Spanish I for Non-Spanish Speakers4
SPAN 1412Beginning Spanish II for Non-Spanish Speakers4
SPAN 2311Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 2312Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 2313Spanish for Native/Heritage Speakers I3
SPAN 2315Spanish for Native/Heritage Speakers II3
SPAN 2389Academic Cooperative3


SPCH 1311Introduction to Speech Communication3
SPCH 1315Public Speaking3
SPCH 1318Interpersonal Communications3
SPCH 1321Business and Professional Communication3
SPCH 2333Discussion and Small Group Communication3
SPCH 2335Argumentation and Debate3
SPCH 2389Academic Cooperative3