Concealed Carry and Weapons on Campus

South Texas College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees, college affiliates and visitors, and to respecting the right of individuals licensed to carry a handgun in the state of Texas.

Subject to applicable Texas or federal laws, effective August 1, 2017, South Texas College shall allow individuals who hold a valid license to carry a concealed handgun (Concealed Handgun License or License to Carry) on land and in buildings owned or leased by South Texas College subject to the reasonable rules, regulations and other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns by license holders as established by the President of South Texas College and approved by South Texas College Board of Trustees.

License holders carrying a handgun on campus must carry it on or about their person at all times or secure their handgun in a locked, privately owned or leased motor vehicle. No handgun storage shall be provided for license holders.

At all times, the responsibility of maintaining ownership and control of a concealed handgun rests with the holder. A license holder is responsible for complying with the applicable state and federal laws.

State law strictly prohibits open carry of a handgun or other prohibited weapons on the campuses of an institution of higher education. Open carry of a handgun or unlicensed individuals carrying a handgun are not permitted on South Texas College campuses.

Policy Exclusion Zones
A license holder is prohibited from carrying a concealed handgun on the following premises.

Temporary Exclusion:

  1. Polling Locations - State law prohibits license holders of handguns from carrying a handgun on premises of a polling place on the day of an election or while early voting is in process. A sign shall be posted at any polling place located on campus from early voting through Election Day that reads either “Polling Place” or “Vote Here”.

Permanent Exclusions:

  1. Board Room - State law excludes license holders of handguns from carrying a handgun in room or rooms where a meeting of a governmental entity is held if the meeting is an open meeting subject to Chapter 551, Government Code, and the entity provided notice as required by that chapter.
  2. Mid-Valley Child Development Center - The concealed carry of handguns is prohibited on the premises of the day care facilities to ensure safety to minors.
  3. Testing Center Pecan Plaza - The concealed carry of handguns is prohibited on the premises where by state or federal law or contract, at the sole discretion of the state or federal government or organization with whom the contract is entered, requires exclusion of a handgun in a specific location.
  4. Other areas where contractual obligations prohibit concealed carry of handguns.
  5. Other areas prohibited by state or federal law.

Policy Violations
Any violations to South Texas College policy regarding the carrying or storage of firearms is considered an offense and may be subject to criminal prosecution under state law. Any individual who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action including, suspension, expulsion, removal from the campus, termination or non-renewal of appointment or termination of a business relationship.

The College maintains guidelines and information, including frequently asked questions, posted on the College website Additional information may be obtained from the College Department of Public Safety at 956-872-4444.