Coll. Success-Hlth Care (CSFH)

CSFH 0101
College Success for Healthcare


This course aids the healthcare student to perform successfully in healthcare education by understanding his or her personal learning style, understanding and using college policies and procedures including clinical requirements, criminal background authorizations, vaccinations, drug and alcohol testing, managing time, memorizing information, reading textbooks for maximum learning, taking effective notes from lectures and books, maximizing test scores, thinking critically, communicating well both orally and in writing, by learning and applying library and technological healthcare research techniques, and by learning about each of the healthcare professions taught at South Texas College. Some healthcare programs award points toward selection for completion of CSFH with a grade of "A" or "B". This course fulfills a requirement for all first-time developmental students who are not TSI complete, and for all students (including transfer students) with grade point averages below 2.0. It is not required for students who are TSI exempt.

Prerequisite: None.