Respiratory Therapy

This Selective Program has a competitive entry selection process based on a competitive point system. Application requirements are included in the description below.

Associate of Applied Science

This two-year program will prepare the student’s knowledge, skills, and ethical attitude that will culminate in successful employment of the graduate as a licensed respiratory therapist. In turn, the graduate offers or provides optimal patient care to the community.

Application Requirements

All applicants must:

  1. Participate in the required Prospective Student Information Session. For the session schedule, access the information online at or contact the Respiratory Therapy Program at 956-872-3023.
  2. Be admitted to the college as a high school graduate or GED equivalent.
  3. Meet TSI College Readiness Standards, or meet TSI exemption standards.
  4. Complete all prerequisite courses with a minimum of "B" as listed in the Degree plan.
  5. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, on a 4.0 scale.
  6. Science coursework listed in the degree plan must be within the past 5 years of nursing clinical courses. For more information contact the NAH Clinical Affairs Specialist at 872-3022.
  7. Pass a criminal background check, 10-panel drug screen through approved providers, and complete all required immunizations including Hepatitis B series.
  8. Meet Technical Standards as stated by the Program.
  9. Submit a completed Program application by stated deadline. For more information contact Respiratory Therapy Program at 872-3023 or access the information online at

Competitive Entry Selection Process

The Respiratory Therapy program selection criteria are based upon a point system score comprised of degree plan course GPA, number of degree plan courses, and required test scores. Due to program size limitations, a number of applicants who meet the program admissions requirements may not be admitted to the program. Qualified applications are numerically ranked from highest to lowest in points.

A new applicant pool is established for each admission period. Applicants who were not admitted for the current application period must re-apply to be considered for a later application period.

NOTE: Please see program webpage for additional information regarding the application process

Graduation Criteria

To earn an Associate of Applied Science in the Respiratory Therapy Program, a student must meet college graduation requirements and complete all coursework as prescribed in the degree plan with a minimum grade of “C” in didactic courses and minimum grade of “B” in the clinical/practicum courses.

Dr. Juan Manuel Ortiz, MD, Medical Director
Darell Smith, RRT, McAllen Medical Center
Connie Mendiola, RRT, McAllen Medical Center
George Barajas, RRT, Mission Regional Medical Center
Marissa Perales, RRT, Lee’s Pharmacy
Hermelinda G. Lopez, Starr County Hospital
Carlos Carillo, CRT, Lifecare Hospital
Dr. Genny Carrillo, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Alma Summers, RRT, Knapp Medical Center
Fernando Zepeda, RRT, Knapp Medical Center
Marylou Arguijo, RRT, Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance
Yvette Ysaguirre, RRT, Rio Grande Regional Medical Center
Kenneth Smith, CRT, Rio Grande Regional Medical Center
Jose Echiveste, RRT, Edinburg Regional Medical Center 


Plan of Study Grid
Pre-requisite SemesterCredit Hours
RSPT 1101 Introduction to Respiratory Care 1
ENGL 1301 Composition I 1 3
BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I 1 4
BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
MATH 1414 College Algebra 1 4
 Credit Hours16
First Semester
Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective 1 3
Select one of the following:
General Psychology  
Lifespan Growth and Development  
Introductory Sociology  
Social Problems  
Humanities Elective 1 3
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Logic  
Introduction to Ethics  
Introduction to Humanities I - Western  
RSPT 1329 Respiratory Care Fundamentals I 3
RSPT 1325 Respiratory Care Sciences 3
 Credit Hours12
Second Semester
RSPT 2305 Pulmonary Diagnostics 3
RSPT 2210 Cardiopulmonary Disease 2
RSPT 1331 Respiratory Care Fundamentals II 3
RSPT 2217 Respiratory Care Pharmacology 2
RSPT 1266 Practicum I 2
 Credit Hours12
Third Semester
RSPT 1137 Basic Dysrhythmia Interpretation 1
RSPT 1267 Practicum II 2
 Credit Hours3
Fourth Semester
RSPT 2314 Mechanical Ventilation 3
RSPT 1141 Respiratory Home Care/Rehabilitation 1
RSPT 2353 Neonatal/Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Care 3
RSPT 2139 Advanced Cardiac Life Support 1
RSPT 2266 Practicum III 2
 Credit Hours10
Fifth Semester
RSPT 2319 Mechanical Ventilation for the Neonatal/Pediatric Patient 3
RSPT 2267 Practicum IV 2
RSPT 2231 Simulations in Respiratory Care (CAPSTONE) 2
 Credit Hours7
 Total Credit Hours60 Credit Hours

Identifies courses to fulfill minimum 15 credit hour General Education requirement