Centers for Learning Excellence

CLE Overview

The Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE) offer comprehensive academic learning support at all five campuses: Mid-Valley, Nursing and Allied Health, Pecan, Starr County, and Technology. CLE services are free and available to all STC students, including Early College High School students and other students participating in dual enrollment.  Robust online services include online tutoring, both synchronously and asynchronously, and 24/7 access to student success workshops.  Services include academic coaching, drop-in tutoring, appointment tutoring, embedded tutoring, group tutoring, online tutoring, Supplemental Instruction support, learning support workshops, and individual test proctoring. 

Part-time and full-time staff members at the CLE help students foster the learning skills and course content knowledge required for college success. At the CLE, students can receive high-quality tutoring and other academic support resources in a broad variety of subject areas.  Because of a rigorous training program, the CLE has been awarded the highest level of certification by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), an international organization that certifies academic learning centers based on established best practices for tutor training and evaluation. 

The CLE offers a welcoming and comfortable environment where students may access computer lab support with a variety of specialized software programs, private study rooms for student use with or without tutoring assistance, adaptive learning equipment, and numerous reference materials and learning resources.  

CLE Service Descriptions

  • Individual tutoring is available to students dropping into the center during scheduled hours or by appointment. CLE schedules can be viewed online, and centers can be called to make an appointment.  
  • Academic coaching is available to students during scheduled hours or by appointment. Coaches meet with students every week or as needed for help with topics like using a planner, developing a study plan, managing time more effectively, or being a more effective communicator with faculty or other students.  Academic coaches can also present to classes as requested by faculty members.     
  • Supplemental Instruction, free to students, is a CLE-sponsored program in which a peer learning mentor, called an SI Leader, attends class and holds regular study sessions in order to maximize student success. SI has been shown to increase student course completion and success, and SI leaders are typically assigned to courses that are seen as academically challenging. Enrollment in SI classes (marked with "+SI Support" in STC online course schedules) is limited, so early registration is encouraged.
  • Embedded Tutoring is a tutoring program often used in skills labs and courses with specialized equipment or applications.  Embedded tutors assist students with practical application of concepts and skills taught by STC faculty.  
  • Online Tutoring is available for students whose schedules cannot accommodate traditional on-campus learning support. The CLE offers online tutoring in most subject areas. The service features both real-time and submit-and-return options for paper reviews, which provide prompt assistance to students 24 hours a day/seven days a week. 
  • Test Proctoring is available at the CLE for individual student testing needs. Proctoring services by appointment are provided to any STC student. CLE proctoring services are available on all campuses, and online and paper tests can be administered.
  • Group Tutoring provides an opportunity for students studying in groups of four or more to obtain up to one hour of tutoring assistance.
  • Student Success Workshops are informational seminars provided by CLE tutors and staff. The workshops are offered throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters and cover a variety of subjects, including Texas State Initiative Assessment (TSIA) preparation. Students can learn ways to maximize study time, organize notes, manage time effectively, or master key academic concepts by participating in these sessions. Short videos on a variety of student success subjects are available 24 hours a day.  
  • CLE Open Labs support students at each STC campus with computer-based resources, specialized software, and knowledgeable lab staff to assist with software and equipment-related needs. Frequently-requested services include wireless set up on personal devices and help with scanners, JagPrint, and Jagnet password support.  CLE Open Labs support most programs needed by students for their classes and include specialized software titles such as Microsoft Office Suite 2017, Adobe Master Collection, Creative Cloud, SolidWorks, SketchUp, AutoDesk, MasterCam and many more.

The Centers for Learning Excellence website can be visited for up-to-date information on tutor schedules, hours of operation, and complete descriptions of the academic support services.