Bachelor of Applied Technology in Computer and Information Technologies

Through the Bachelor of Applied Technology in Computer and Information Technologies outcomes, the student will be able to:

  • Develop web-based applications.
    • Design, develop, and secure dynamic and data-driven web applications utilizing server-side technologies and database management. CITP 4316
  • Develop computer networks.
    • Install and troubleshoot Linux servers and manage Windows servers using system policies, profiles, security, and performance monitoring. CITP 3306
  • Secure network infrastructures.
    • Identify, implement, and maintain network security, data defense, access control models, authentication, encryption, hashing, and proper security documentation. CITP 3312
    • Maintain database integrity through encryption, access control rules, migration, and backup/recovery procedures. CITP 3321
    • Differentiate and implement various security tools in the defense of a computer network and conduct penetration testing. CITP 4330
    • Select and apply reverse software engineering tools to system security, software design, malware analysis. CITP 3311
    • Analyze proper handling of digital evidence, cyber laws and regulations, and methods of detecting concealed digital information. CITP 4346
    • Monitor, audit, analyze, and revise computer and network security systems to ensure appropriate levels of protection are in place. CITP 4347
    • Develop a threat model, conduct a vulnerability analysis, and use penetration tools to exploit weaknesses in a computer system. CITP 4348
  • Design and utilize databases.
    • Manipulate, define, and maintain the components of a relational database, such as records, table structures, schema objects, and security. CITP 3320
  • Develop applications in modern programming languages.
    • Utilize system design tools, data storage, arithmetic expressions, modular programming, and object-oriented methodologies. CITP 3305
    • Utilize file input/output operations, control structures, and application development. CITP 3310
    • Create a working software product according to required specifications and design documentation and evaluate its intended functionality. CITP 4340
    • Create event-driven applications with graphical user interfaces, databases, and programming methodologies, such as modularity, encapsulation, information hiding, abstraction, and polymorphism. CITP 4350
  • Demonstrate integration of IT skills in a capstone internship.
    • Communicate technical information, apply skills in an internship, and participate in a team project. CITP 4301


STC Core Curriculum
ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II - Rhetoric3
MATH 1414College Algebra4
HIST 1301United States History I3
HIST 1302United States History II3
GOVT 2305Federal Government3
GOVT 2306Texas Government3
Component Area Option - Core Curriculum3
Life and Physical Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum4
Life and Physical Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum4
Creative Arts Elective - Core Curriculum3
Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum3
Language, Philosophy & Culture Elective - Core Curriculum3
Technical Specialty Courses
Foundational Courses (Required)
ITNW 1425
ITNW 2421
Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
and Networking with TCP/IP
or CPMT 1449
CPMT 2449
Computer Networking Technology
and Advanced Computer Networking Technology
or ITNW 1416
ITSY 2445
Network Administration
and Network Defense and Countermeasures
ITSE 1402Computer Programming3-4
or COSC 1320 C Programming
or COSC 1436 Programming Fundamentals I
ITSE 1411Beginning Web Page Programming3-4
or COSC 1315 Introduction to Computer Programming
ITSY 1400Fundamentals of Information Security4
Technical Specialty Courses 1
Select 30 credit hours of Technical Specialty courses30
Required Upper-Division Professional Courses
CITP 3305System Analysis and Design3
CITP 3306Internet/Intranet Server Integration3
or CITP 3311 Reverse Software Engineering
CITP 3310Survey of Programming Languages3
CITP 3312Fundamentals of Information Security3
or CITP 3321 Advanced Database Security and Management
CITP 3320Database Management3
CITP 4301Capstone: Computer and Information Technology Internship3
or CITP 4348 Cybersecurity Assessments
CITP 4316Advanced Web Design3
or CITP 4346 Cyber Law and Digital Forensics
CITP 4330Advanced Network Security3
CITP 4340Special Topics Course - CIT3
or CITP 4347 Principles of Cybersecurity
CITP 4350Advanced Computer Programming3
Total Credit Hours120-122


Four Year Course Sequence ​ 

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
HIST 1301
United States History I
or Mexican-American History I
Language, Philosophy & Culture Elective - Core Curriculum 3
Component Area Option - Core Curriculum 3
ITNW 1425
Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
or Computer Networking Technology
or Network Administration
 Credit Hours16
ENGL 1302 Composition II - Rhetoric 3
HIST 1302
United States History II
or Mexican-American History II
MATH 1414 College Algebra 4
ITNW 2421
Networking with TCP/IP
or Advanced Computer Networking Technology
or Network Defense and Countermeasures
 Credit Hours14
Second Year
GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
Life and Physical Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 4
Creative Arts Elective - Core Curriculum 3
Technical Specialty course 3
Select one of the following: 3-4
Computer Programming  
C Programming  
Programming Fundamentals I  
 Credit Hours16-17
Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 3
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
Life and Physical Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 4
ITSE 1411
Beginning Web Page Programming
or Introduction to Computer Programming
ITSY 1400 Fundamentals of Information Security 4
 Credit Hours17-18
Third Year
Technical Specialty course 3
Technical Specialty course 3
Technical Specialty course 3
CITP 3306
Internet/Intranet Server Integration
or Reverse Software Engineering
CITP 3305 System Analysis and Design 3
 Credit Hours15
CITP 3312
Fundamentals of Information Security
or Advanced Database Security and Management
CITP 3310 Survey of Programming Languages 3
Technical Specialty course 3
Technical Specialty course 4
 Credit Hours13
Fourth Year
CITP 4316
Advanced Web Design
or Cyber Law and Digital Forensics
CITP 4330 Advanced Network Security 3
CITP 4350 Advanced Computer Programming 3
Technical Speciality Course 3
 Credit Hours12
CITP 3320 Database Management 3
CITP 4301
Capstone: Computer and Information Technology Internship
or Cybersecurity Assessments
CITP 4340
Special Topics Course - CIT
or Principles of Cybersecurity
Technical Specialty Course 4
Technical Specialty Course 4
 Credit Hours17
 Total Credit Hours120-122