Program Learning Outcomes

1.  The student will apply the scientific method to perform experiments and interpret data.

2.  The student will describe the structure, function, and reproduction of cells.
3.  The student will define the theory of evolution through natural selection and discuss how it impacts the study of Biology.
4.  The student will explain classification schemes in terms of phylogeny.
5.  The student will describe microbial mechanisms of pathogenicity.
6.  The student will describe cellular organization in tissues, organs, and organ systems.
7.   The student will explain how organ systems function to regulate homeostasis.
8.  The student will be able to describe the interactions among organisms as related to their ecosystem.


Field of Study - 18 credit hours 1
BIOL 1406Biology for Science Majors I4
BIOL 1407Biology for Science Majors II4
BIOL 2401Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 2421Microbiology for Science Majors4
CHEM 2423Organic Chemistry I4
STC Core Curriculum - 42 credit hours
Complete 42 credit hours of required Core Curriculum including the following:42
Life and Physical Sciences
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
College Algebra
Pre-Calculus Math
Calculus I (Recommended)
Social and Behavioral Sciences
General Psychology
Introductory Sociology
Language, Philosophy and Culture
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Ethics
Component Area Option
Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness (Recommended)
Total Credit Hours60

For BIOL 2421 and CHEM 2423, 3 hours are scheduled for field of study and 1 hour is scheduled to meet the general core education requirements (Component Area Option).


Recommended Course Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
Creative Arts Elective - Core Curriculum 3
Mathematics Elective - Core Curriculum 4
Select one of the following:
College Algebra
Pre-Calculus Math
Calculus I (Recommended)
BIOL 1406 Biology for Science Majors I 4
 Credit Hours14
ENGL 1302 Composition II - Rhetoric 3
CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I 4
BIOL 1407 Biology for Science Majors II 4
HIST 1301
United States History I
or Mexican-American History I
or African American History I
 Credit Hours14
HIST 1302
United States History II
or Mexican-American History II
or African American History II
 Credit Hours3
Second Year
GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
CHEM 1412 General Chemistry II 4
BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 3
General Psychology
or Introductory Sociology
 Credit Hours14
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
CHEM 2423 Organic Chemistry I 4
BIOL 2421 Microbiology for Science Majors 4
Component Area Option - Core Curriculum 1-4
Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness
 Credit Hours12-15
Language, Philosophy & Culture Elective - Core Curriculum 3
Introduction to Philosophy
or Introduction to Ethics
 Credit Hours3
 Total Credit Hours60-63