The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs enhances the student experience through the development, delivery and evaluation of policies, programs, services and facilities that complement the academic mission of South Texas College and addresses issues of retention and graduation through ongoing assessment, interpretation and response to changing student needs. Additional information can be found online at or by calling 956-872-3535.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors help students develop realistic academic goals and provide the proper guidance and tools to help students accomplish their goals. Student persistence and completion of higher education is promoted through diverse services offered to students at the Advisement Centers. Prior to registration, it is very important that students contact their advisor for assistance with course selection and degree planning.

Mandatory Advisement for First-Time-in- College Students

To ensure students are on the right pathway to completion, South Texas College implemented My Advising Plan (MAP) for First-Time- in-College (FTIC) students which includes mandatory advising. A Mandatory Advisement Hold is placed on the student record of FTIC students to ensure that they meet with an advisor for educational planning prior to registering for courses. During the mandatory advisement session, the academic advisor develops an Individualized Educational Plan and addresses important information such as stackable credentials when applicable and support services/resources available to help students stay in school and complete a certificate/degree. The Academic Advising Department maintains ongoing contact with FTIC students during their first year for continued academic advising to connect students to resources, communicate important reminders such as only taking courses within the selected career pathway, and to utilize DegreeWorks to monitor ongoing progress towards completion of certificate/degree.

NOTICE: The student is responsible for seeking academic advisement, knowing and complying with South Texas College’s assessments and the State of Texas-Texas Success Initiative Rule (TSI) requirements for their declared degree or certificate program, and taking courses in the proper sequence to ensure progress toward his/her educational goals. FTIC students are encouraged to visit with an academic advisor every semester for academic advisement. Students beyond their first year are encouraged to contact their Guided Pathway Specialist (GPS) or Student Success Specialist within the Academic Program for academic advising.

For more information please contact your advisor or call the Advising Office at 956-872-8372.

Providing Academic Support to Students (PASS) Program

The PASS Program was created in 1993 as Project HOPE. The goal of Project HOPE was to assist single mothers in completing a postsecondary education by helping them pay for childcare. As the program grew, it became apparent that our participants had a variety of needs ranging from financial to academic and emotional. Based on these needs, the program was redesigned to provide the support to meet those needs. Project HOPE became known as the Together in Achievement (TIA) and Striving Towards A Non-traditional Degree (STAND) programs. The needs for the services provided by both the TIA and STAND programs continued to grow rapidly, and by Fall of 2000, it was expanded to include all Technical/Vocational majors. As a result, the program went through another name change and is still known today as the PASS Program.

PASS, which is funded through the Perkins V grant and awarded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, focuses on the following:

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs
  • Student persistence and completion
  • Eliminating barriers for special population students (single parents, displaced homemakers, non-traditional students, economically disadvantaged and individuals with disabilities).
  • Graduation

The PASS Program also provides specialized case management services to students enrolled in Career and Technical Education majors, Associate of Applied Science majors or Certificate majors. The PASS Program is able to assist eligible CTE students in the following areas:

  • Case Management
  • Career/Academic Advising
  • Referral Services
  • Child Care Assistance (Enrolled Full-Time)
  • Lending Library (Textbook, Laptop, and/or Tools Assistance)

Additional information can be found online at or by calling 956-872-6315.

Counseling and Student Accessibility Services

At South Texas College we understand different life and academic situations can make it difficult to grow. Our Counseling and Student Accessibility Services were created to provide students the higher education and support they require to reach their academic and professional goals.

The Path to Success

The staff at Counseling and Student Accessibility Services provides support in a confidential and comfortable atmosphere to help students feel at ease when discussing their concerns about their educational and personal success.

If you’re ready to start a discussion with our counselors, you can do so on a walk-in basis or by appointment at any one of the South Texas College campuses. For more information contact the Counseling and Student Accessibility Services office at 956-872-2173.

Counseling Services

  • Academic and Career Counseling Services
  • Mental Health Counseling Services
  • Academic and Personal Growth Workshops
  • Mental Health Screenings and Monthly Events

Student Accessibility Services

  • Classroom Accommodations and Assistive Technology
  • Pregnant and Parenting Services

Our institution offers reasonable accommodations and assistive technology services to eligible students with documented disabilities to ensure everyone receives an equal opportunity.

For more information, visit us at

Behavioral Intervention Team

The Behavioral Intervention Team at South Texas College is a district wide threat assessment and behavioral intervention team that monitors threats to the campus community and intervenes in the concerning behaviors of all individuals who work at, attend or who have business with South Texas College. The Team serves the district-wide community by providing threat assessment, case management, intervention strategies, educational opportunities and training for all students, faculty and staff.

Student Activities and Wellness

The Department of Student Activities and Wellness enhances the student experience through the development and delivery of programs and services complimenting South Texas College’s efforts towards student access, retention and ultimate graduation ensuring that students are engaged and receive a complete college experience. Additional information can be found online at or by calling 956-872-3530.

Student Activities

Student activities aim to promote active student participation through events geared towards social responsibility, leadership, education, cultural and civic engagement, etc. Such activities support and enhance the student’s collegiate experience and their education outside the classroom.

Student Organizations

Over 70 student organizations at South Texas College contribute to a vibrant college community by providing invaluable experiences and opportunities for students to grow as individuals, leaders and community members. Each year, student organizations sponsor conferences, seminars, lectures, debates, cultural and social events, and fine arts programs. These programs allow students to meet and interact with local, state and nationally renowned scholars, artists, politicians, academicians and other professionals.

First-Year Experience

The First Year Experience at South Texas College is the combination of orientations, services, programs, curricular and co-curricular activities that support a student’s transition from high school to South Texas College, while providing a foundation for academic success.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at South Texas College is the representative organization for the student body at South Texas College. The Student Government Association provides a forum for open discussion of matters affecting students at South Texas College.

Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy encourages and aids in the development of student leaders. Through interactive workshops and seminars, this prestigious program allows students to develop their personal leadership style and put their leadership skills into practice, allowing them to gain experience, confidence and positively contribute to the community through volunteering opportunities.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports provides opportunities for students to positively use their leisure time to engage in recreational sports and activities in a supportive and safe environment that enhances personal development, increases physical and mental health, encourages social interaction and develops lifetime patterns for healthful living.

Future Jaguars Leadership Camp

The South Texas College Future Jaguars Leadership Camp is a program for incoming Freshmen that aims to assist them in making the transition from high school to college. Students that join will network with other incoming Freshmen and take leadership skills workshops like leadership style, group development, self-awareness and development, and relationship development and communication.

Student Food Pantry

The Student Food Pantry has locations at the following campuses: Pecan, Mid-Valley and Starr. Services to current students extend beyond food donations. By connecting them with counselors as well as staff at the college, students can have potential access to a wide range of assistance that can enable them to succeed while attending school. Enrollment for the pantry is done through the Student Activities and Wellness Department.

Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct develops influences and enforces South Texas College policies to promote a safe and supportive learning environment that treats each student fairly, equally and with respect. The Office of Student Conduct nurtures student learning and growth by encouraging student accountability, academic integrity and responsible decision-making.

Office of Ombuds Services

The Ombudsperson provides guidance to the South Texas College community regarding College protocol and procedures and assists and counsels students in resolving disputes and conflicts in a way that facilitates individual responsibility, contributes to their maturation and promotes the development of self-advocacy skills.

Career & Employer Services

The Career and Employer Services office assists currently enrolled students and alumni in developing the skills necessary to locate and secure employment. Services include a free on-line job search system, assistance with resume preparation, writing job search letters and improving interviewing techniques, job fairs and employment referrals.