Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness supports College faculty, staff and administrators in making informed decisions by examining, evaluating, and reporting on the College’s performance and effectiveness. These efforts are facilitated by two departments; Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment, (IEA), and Research & Analytical Services (RAS).

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment (IEA) works to empower the college community to integrate effective planning and meaningful assessment into all institutional practices through collaborative inquiry, self-reflection, and continuous improvement. IEA also maintains two institutional Factbooks (internal & external) that provide institutional data for research and reporting.

Research & Analytical Services (RAS) conducts educational research on topics of importance to the College by collecting and analyzing data from College stakeholders and other sources. RAS consults with faculty and staff who are interested in conducting human subject research here at the College and provides assistance with qualitative or quantitative research methods, study design, statistical analysis, and survey instrument design and administration.

Data requests should be made through STC's Data Request Information Portal, which can be found at