Scholastic Progress Standards

In an effort to promote student success, South Texas College has established categories of students based on the student’s scholastic progress.

Students are expected to meet academic standards for coursework completed at South Texas College. Students who fail to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (C average) are considered scholastically deficient and will be placed on academic probation, continued academic probation or academic suspension as appropriate. All grade points earned by a student will be included in the computation of the current semester grade point average. All grade points earned by a student, including developmental courses and the College Success course, will be included in the computation of the cumulative grade point average. In the case of a repeated course, the last grade recorded will be used in the computation.

The scholastic progress standards for students attending the College are as follows:

Level of Academic Status GPA Criteria
Good Standing Cumulative GPA is 2.00 or above
Academic Probation Cumulative or current semester GPA, including developmental coursework, below 2.00
Continued Academic Probation Previously on Academic Probation and current semester GPA is below 2.00
Academic Suspension Previously on Continued Academic Probation and current semester GPA is below 2.00.

Good Standing, Academic Probation, Continued Academic Probation, and Academic Suspension will be determined each regular (Fall or Spring) semester on the basis of the student's current semester grade point average, including developmental studies and College Success coursework. Academic suspension may last for one regular fall or spring semester. Students placed on academic suspension may enroll for summer sessions for the purpose of raising their cumulative GPA to the level required for good standing.

Academic Probation

Academic Probation is a system of monitoring student grades in all South Texas College courses in order to identify those who are experiencing difficulty in making satisfactory progress.

Academic Probation occurs at the end of any semester when a student's current semester GPA drops below 2.00.

Continued Academic Probation

Continued Academic Probation is a system of monitoring student grades in all South Texas College for students placed on Academic Probation in order to identify those who continue to experience difficulty in making satisfactory progress. Continued Academic Probation occurs at the end of the semester following Academic Probation when a student's current semester GPA remains below 2.00.

Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension is a system of forced interruption in attendance at the College in those instances where a student is unable to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Academic Suspension occurs when the student who has previously been on Continued Academic Probation fails to earn a 2.00 in the current semester.

Readmission After A Period of Suspension

After a period of scholastic suspension, a student may be readmitted on academic probation. Before readmission under probationary status, the suspended student must report to office of Counseling and Advising for an academic counseling interview.

A student on academic suspension who raises their cumulative GPA to 2.00 or higher can be reinstated in good standing following application to the office of Admissions and Records. Removal from suspension can be most effectively accomplished by re-enrolling for courses in which the student has a failing grade.

If a student who has been suspended feels that unusual circumstances warrant a review, the student may provide a written appeal to the Scholastic Appeals Committee in care of the Counseling and Advisement Center.

All students are responsible for knowing whether they are eligible to continue at the College. An ineligible student who nevertheless registers shall be dropped and cannot attend classes. Students shall not receive special consideration for lack of knowledge of scholastic status, regardless of whether the student registered and paid fees.

Developmental Studies Program

South Texas College offers students the opportunity to develop college-level skills in mathematics, reading, writing and college success.  South Texas College provides Developmental Education options to students that contain the essential academic skills to successfully complete academic/technical coursework.

Students not meeting Placement Standards to enroll in freshman-level coursework and not qualifying for a TSI exemption are required to enroll in and attend developmental course(s) work until they meet the Placement Standards for those skills. Students placing in one or more Developmental courses must also enroll in and attend a College Success course (EDCS 0101 Educational College Success, EDUC 1300 Learning Framework, PSYC 1300 Learning Framework) during their first semester, until they successfully exit the course. Students who fail to comply with policies and procedures may be withdrawn from all of their classes except College Success and may not earn any college credit hours for the semester. Students who withdraw, are withdrawn from, or do not enroll in their required developmental classes are entitled to a one semester-long waiver which will allow them not to be withdrawn from all their academic classes, but they must enroll in the appropriate developmental class(es) the following semester or sooner. Being withdrawn from academic classes will affect Financial Aid status.