Educ. College Success (EDCS)

EDCS 0101
Educational College Success


This course covers strategies for learning and success. Examine factors that underlie learning, success, and personal development in higher education. Topics covered include information processing, memory, strategic learning, self-regulation, goal setting, motivation, educational and career planning, and learning lifestyles. Techniques of study such as time management, listening and note taking, text marking, library and research skills, preparing for examinations, and utilizing learning resources are covered. This course develops students’ academic skills that apply to all disciplines. This course is a requirement for all first-time developmental students who are not TSI complete. This course is required of all students (including transfer students) with grade point averages below 2.0. It is not required for students enrolled in a certificate program (42 or fewer semester credit hours or equivalent) or for students who are TSI exempt.

Prerequisite: None.