Advertising/Public Relations

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts with a field of study in Advertising/Public Relations Concentration is a focused program of study, which provides a strong undergraduate foundation in writing for all forms of media and the integration of concepts and theories necessary to promote a positive image for clients. Classes prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions and entry into careers in which competence, clarity and influence are important, such as advertising, public relations, business, health, law, entertainment industry and media. Some variation in requirements may exist at particular four-year college or universities; therefore, it is essential that students also refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult an academic adviser.

Program courses listed on the degree plan should  be taken in the suggested sequence because most program courses have prerequisites.  Program course COMM 1307 Introduction to Mass Communication is offered both fall and spring semesters. Program courses COMM 2327 Introduction to Advertising and COMM 2330 Introduction to Public Relations are only offered during the fall semester. Program courses COMM 2305 Editing and Layout and COMM 2339 Writing for Radio, Television, and Film are only offered during the spring semester.   Program course COMM 2389 Academic Cooperative is offered both in the fall and spring semesters and should be taken during the semester the student intends to graduate. 


Field of Study - 18 Credit Hours
COMM 1307Introduction to Mass Communication3
COMM 2330Introduction to Public Relations3
COMM 2327Introduction to Advertising3
COMM 2305Editing and Layout3
COMM 2339Writing for Radio, Television, and Film3
COMM 2389Academic Cooperative3
STC Core Curriculum - 42 Credit Hours
Complete 42 credit hours of required Core Curriculum 1,242
Creative Arts Elective
Recommended Courses:
Digital Art I
Photography I (Fine Arts Emphasis)
Introduction to Cinema
Total Credit Hours60

In addition to the courses in the Field of Study, the student is required to take 42 credit hours from the STC Core Curriculum. These courses must not duplicate courses taken to fulfill field of study requirements.


Students who select a 3 credit hour Mathematics course to fulfill the Mathematics component of the Curriculum must take 4 credit hours to complete the Component Area Option for the Core Curriculum.

Recommended Course Sequence


Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
Speech Elective - Component Area Option 3
HIST 1301 United States History I 3
Language, Philosophy & Culture Elective - Core Curriculum 3
 Credit Hours12
Second Semester
ENGL 1302 Composition II - Rhetoric 3
COMM 1307 Introduction to Mass Communication 1 3
HIST 1302 United States History II 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 3
Mathematics Elective - Core Curriculum 3-4
Elementary Statistical Methods (Recommended)  
 Credit Hours16
Third Semester
GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
COMM 2330 Introduction to Public Relations 1 3
COMM 2327 Introduction to Advertising 1 3
Life and Physical Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 4
Creative Arts Elective - Core Curriculum 3
Digital Art I (Recommended)  
Photography I (Fine Arts Emphasis) (Recommended)  
Introduction to Cinema (Recommended)  
 Credit Hours16
Fourth Semester
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
COMM 2305 Editing and Layout 1 3
COMM 2339 Writing for Radio, Television, and Film 1 3
Life and Physical Sciences Elective - Core Curriculum 4
COMM 2389 Academic Cooperative 1 3
Component Area Option - Core Curriculum (if required) 1
 Credit Hours16
 Total Credit Hours60 Credit Hours

Field of Study Courses